Finding quiet

In the midst of loud, full of energy days, with cries, whining and kids music blasting, its easy to forget that there are places that are quiet, peaceful & magical.

Today it was found.

watching bees at their hives and then walking a labyrinth on a beautifully put together property, I had a sense of stillness and calm, that I haven’t had for awhile. It was much needed and very welcomed.

to share the magic of quiet & the sense of peacefulness with my littles (and MY momma) was added beauty.

At The Point Gallery, on Salt Spring Is.



  1. Thank you Robyn for sharing your thoughts, photos and including Snow Fence. Margaret Day at The Point Gallery on Salt Spring, was so generous to invite Snow Fence into her sculpture garden. I am so looking forward to seeing what you create within the labyrinth.


    1. It was a beautiful experience. Robbyn is my mother, and took my children and me there yesterday. This is my blog & post and was happy to share my experience there in writing 🙂


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