Pack it, snack it.

I don’t know about your household, but in ours we snack. We are all about the snacks. Whether it’s just staying home, out doing errands, going to the park or going on a road trip, we always try to have snacks.

Sometimes it’s pretty boring and no creativity goes into it. Those are the days that are rushed, but I know someone (usually me) will get cranky if there isn’t something to snack on if hunger strikes. So in goes an apple or banana to the mess of a bag that gets loaded into the even messier van.

But when I do have some time to put thought into the snack department it gives me great joy (yes, great!). And so, why not share some of the joy(?!) in the form of a list of snacks we enjoy to have around (not always because that’s not possible, but in an ideal world I’d love to always have all these things on hand)….

image.jpeg*fresh cut fruit (summer is the best for this, with melons & berries!)

*homemade trail mixes (or store bought) or just raisins & nuts.

*carrots & hummus

*cheese & crackers

*seaweed packets

*granola bars or other types (we like Nature path’s brand or kids cliff bars)

*small yogurts

*homemade muffins

*chips or cheese puffs (healthier options of treat foods is what we do)

*chocolate or chocolate covered almonds(cause us parents need a treat too!)

*salads or sandwiches (if you are out over lunch time/longer trips)

*popcorn made ahead of time, seasoned to your liking (we use Bragg & nutritional yeast).

*cherry tomatoes

*avocados with spoon

*specifically made kids snacks- food pouches, Elmo crackers, animal crackers, Love ducks etc. (All these can be found at Super store or Save on. All are organic) image

*I also like to always (or try to always) have a water bottle filled to take and an empty travel mug-just in case a coffee or tea is needed while out.

Of course some of these require a cooler, so those are more of road trip foods, or, if you have a small cooler bag, they are so handy to have! I use ours quite often, when bringing along goods that need keeping cool.

These are just what works for our family and what I know we all like….

what about you? Are you a snacking family? What do you like?

Happy snacking!


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  1. Awesome list! Feeding myself was hard enough, now feeding a somewhat picky and distracted muncher several times a day?! Gah!

    We love dried sea weed, kale chips, edemame, berries, watermelon, cucumbers, cheese melted on crackers, baby bells, and Kashi bars (they make quinoa ones now!!).


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