Bread. Who doesn’t love it? With so many varieties out there, whether is be rye, whole wheat, gluten free, sourdough, etc, there’s something for everyone. We sure eat a lot in our house. And although I need  to break my routine of having it every morning as toast with peanut butter, it’s always going to be a staple in our house. For sandwiches, toast, French toast, quick snack etc…but oh boy, does it go fast. And the price of the breads we like to get (organic/more locally made) it adds up…

A few years back, when I finally started getting into baking, I came across a recipe for a ‘no knead bread’. It was detailed with pictures of the authors 4 year old son making it, and I thought “oh man, if he can do it, so can I” (i did not have my baking confidence yet), and so, I tried it.

It was so simple and so fool proof. Hardly any ingredients and hardly any work involved(if you put aside the many hours of waiting) and it turned out great.

I have made it several times over the years of discovering it, I’ve added in some different elements to it (chia seeds,molasses, whole wheat, flax) and never once has it failed.

Now my goal is just to get into the rhythm of having it on the go regularly so we can cut back on the store-bought- bank draining -bread and have simple (and delicious!) home made bread on regular basis.

And now I shall share with you the link to this magic bread recipe…

i wish you happy bread-ing. Let me know how it works out for you!!


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