Life is a Cabaret…

I’ve grown up loving theatre, dance & musical theatre. I was in dance classes at age 3, went with my mom to her dance rehearsals and was in shows throughout my whole childhood into my young adulthood. It’s just part of who I am.

I played Lady Macbeth at age 12 and loved the challenge. Peter Pan balanced that serious role out with playfulness and joy. The connection to body when I was in dances classes or singing lessons cannot be beat. I highly recommend you try it, even if you think you ‘can’t dance’ or ‘can’t sing’ it doesn’t matter, it feels awesome!

Since becoming a mom, almost 4 years ago, I have not done anything in regards to the theatre world (other than one audition when my first born was about a year). I didn’t miss it too much, because I was submersed in ‘mom life’, but i knew that one day I’d crave it again….

i was actually in school for musical theatre when I got pregnant with my son. It was last term of second year, with a whole other year to go. I was on average, 8 years older than most of my schoolmates, because I delayed my dream of theatre school (why? I have no idea…some sort of lack of self realization I guess)…and had been a long term relationship and already engaged, so it wasn’t a surprise (well it was!) that a baby would be happening in our lives sooner than later. We gladly welcomed the news of our pregnancy, and I felt ok not being able to finish off my last year of school because I always wanted to be a momma. I had made awesome friends and learned a lot in the 2 years I did have in school. My ‘void’ of theatre was filled and I was ready for motherhood.

Fast forward 4 years and 2 kids later, and I finally find myself in the theatre world again! Two rehearsals in to be exact.

My lovely friends own a production company on our beautiful island, and they are three years in on doing shows. They’ve kept me in the loop with what shows they were wanting to do, and keeping me in their minds eye to be in this show in particular . I’ve been waiting a year to finally be ready to do a show with them…and I almost wasnt going to do it! My husband works away in the summer, and the idea of nights away at rehearsal kinda stressed me out, but I stopped and thought “no. I’m doing this. It’s time. I need this. I need something for myself, that’s not mom or kid related.” And I’m so glad I had that little talk with myself.(haha!)

enter: Cabaret. Opening September 22nd. My first show as a mom and my first back on the Artspring stage after 13 years!

imageThe excitment that I’m feeling is so rejuvating, and these first two rehearsals we’ve had have felt so good. I’ve been more on top of choreo then I thought I would be after so many years out of that mindset, and even if I wasn’t, we have 3 months of rehearsal time (phew!).

This journey of motherhood really takes a lot of yourself. You give up a lot. Your mind & body is constantly on the go, and it’s exhausting. It’s so easy to forget what life was like before. You lose sight of your passions and what you used to love. At least for me. But when you finally start to pop your head up above that sea of motherhood & children, you start to feel that energy, that happiness, that only can come when you are taking the time to fill your own cup.

If you as well, have had your head submersed in momma-hood and forget your own passions, don’t give up. Keep peddling, your time to rise above will come. Be gentle & kind to yourself. And patient. And then when the time comes, take what you need to get your passions back in check and yourself back.



  1. Yes! I’m so excited for you! Good for you for doing this for yourself. We think soooooo much of our children, it’s important to take a breath and think about what WE need, too.

    Great post and encouragement for other mamas. 🙂


    1. Thanks Hannah! It sure feels good! I itch for the weekly rehearsals and can’t wait to have more than one a week! I hope this post does encourage other mommas to find their own thing and take the leap to do it!


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