Morning Ritual

As a Mom, mornings aren’t always the most relaxing. Especially on preschool days when we have a time limit to get out the door. But since the kids are not yet full time school age, and baby number three is still growing snug & warm inside, I’ve decided that now is the time to try and start creating a morning ‘ritual’ for myself. Nothing huge or time consuming, but with my “new journey” of getting to my core desired feelings and finding myself as a woman again (other than just being momma & wife) I am focusing on myself more. So, I have incorporated these few minor things into my morning:

Picking an angel card first thing- giving myself a focus word for the day. It’s been a very centering element for me. I then write the word into my journal. img_9806

Write every morning in my journal-even if it’s just a paragraph, or not even getting to fully complete a thought because I’m interrupted, I at least am writing. Sometimes it’s not about anything in particular, sometimes it’s continuing on from the day before, or about my mood etc etc. Anything, it doesn’t matter, I’m just doing it.

I have a “today’s word” that pops up from the dictionary on my phone, that I usually just ignore, but the last few days, I’ve actually been going into the app, and reading the definition & the quote that the word is incorporated in. And I write that into my journal as well. It’s just another way to focus for the day. img_9470

And of course Coffee or tea & toast is always there with me while I do all that. And I make an effort to actually sit & eat it. Even though 99% of the time I end up with a toddler on my lap to “help” me, at least I am getting the food in me.

We then go about our day.

Simple things, like I said, but they are majorly helping me these days.

Do you have a morning ritual? I’d love to hear!


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