“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

Whether it be what we put in, on, our think of our bodies, it’s important to treat it right. Is it always easy to? No. Do we often forget to drink enough water, eat balanced meals, keep wary of how much time we’ve spent in the sun, speak positively about ourselves…yes. We all have the those forgetful moments, at least I do. But after time, it all catches up. We feel sluggish, grumpy, heavy, down. Making the connection between those negatives & what our body is lacking, is hard to navigate.

For me personally, I have, for the most part, always been pretty aware of the quality of foods I eat. Going for the organic, non-GMO, most natural options possible, to be as void of chemicals or overly processed as possible. Do I let that slide? Yes, of course, but I know how I feel both physically and mentally if I stray away from eating the better options. As well as for my growing children, I don’t want to fill them full of crappy sugars, white breads or chemically ridden foods. It doesn’t mean we don’t have treats, or snacky foods, but there are so many amazing healthier options out there these days, that I can feel better knowing that they are getting more ‘real’ foods in them even when they are “treats”.

As for what I put on my body, for some reason it took me a little longer to be as conscious about what I put on my body the same way as to what I put in it, especially for my cosmetics & lotions. I for what I remember, have always used organic/natural shampoos & toothpastes & deodorants, but it’s only been over the last 4 years that I really took a look at what I was using in the ways of body lotions, cosmetics & nail polish.

It all seeps into you, whatever touches your body. So of course, if you are wanting to avoid all the nasty chemicals that are out there, you have to look at body product ingredients as well.


Another important thing to avoid for our bodies? Negative self talk. Easier said then done right? yes. We’ve all been there. We all do it to some extent. For me? It’s been years of feeling negative towards the body hair I have. I have good days, where I just accept it as it is, and other days that I just can’t help but dwell on it. It’s been 15 years, if not more, of this up & down of wishing for something different. But, I do know how it feels to feel the acceptance of what is, and I try to live in that more often than the negative. It’s not always easy though.

We are all unique. But we all have a lot in common too. We all want the best for our bodies, ourselves, our minds. Right? We all struggle from time to time to get that “best”. Right? We all want to love ourselves fully. Flaws & all. We don’t always succeed. And that’s ok. Just opening our minds to looking further into what is in our food (or ON our foods), what are the ingredients in that body lotion you use every day? Just being aware and doing our best, to create the strongest, healthiest & happiest bodies to live in, that’s what matters.


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