This oily life

I have been using essential oils for about 3 years now. It started as a way to incorporate more natural options into my (already) natural lifestyle. Mainly I was searching for the aromatic route that oils provide, creating my own “perfumes” & diffusing to fill our home with lovely smells. I did my research as to which companies were ‘doing it better’ and learning that there were so many out there, and how often many companies were not actually pure oils, but filled with synthetics. However, the true knowing of that, really didn’t come until just a few months ago, which I will get into in just a moment…..

When I first did my search, I did come across doTERRA, knowing that it was an MLM company, it did put me off some-what, also about the fact that I never really did find the proper website to learn about their company or their oils. So, I stayed clear, and found another (non MLM) company that I was pleased with using.

Now enters January, of this year. Pregnant with our third child, still using oils, and yet, feeling like I needed something more in life….(like I really needed to add in more things to do in my chaos of mother & wife-hood…but that’s another story). I started thinking about the fact that I was already using & buying oils, and fully believing in their powers, so why not try to make that into a business. Why not put my passion of holistic & natural living into even more action, and work towards helping others & make some cash while doing it. Why not find something that is just for me, apart from motherhood, to empower myself, to learn something new & to be apart of a wonderful community. This is where doTERRA enters my life…..again.

I had heard great success stories from a couple friends who were building a doTERRA business, and it made it feel more do-able. More real, and not just a name of yet another MLM company that you dismiss. And so, I joined in. And even though it’s only been a few short months, and the progress of my building has been slow, I have benefited so much from all the aspects that comes with it. The oils, of course, are top quality & the number one thing that has benefited both myself & my family, but the group of supportive women (& men) that I have been welcomed into has been amazing. The amount to learn & educate myself on, is inspiring, the self development I have been working on has been both fulfilling & at times, slow. But the all encompassing, all around experiences & elements involved has been a nice little addition to my life.

Now, I wanted to share how I incorporate essential oils into my & my family’s life daily. These are oils that I have found work for us, and it’s important to know that each oil works so differently with each person. We are all made up with different elements, and react differently, so it’s usually a ‘trail & error’ approach. But that’s the fun part. The exploring, the learning, the trying out of different combos.

IMG_0959.JPGSome notes before starting in on that:

*If you have sensitive skin, are using on children, babies or elders, it is highly recommended that you dilute with a carrier oil. (Sweet almond, Fractionated coconut, jojoba, etc)

*oils are not said to 100% cure, heal or replace western medicine, but are very complimentary to it. For minor cases, such as a headache or sore muscles, why not reach for the natural approach first rather than the synthetic form…

*it is very important to know that there are many types of essential oils out there, and that many are NOT actually pure, as the bottles state. Make sure you do your research into the company, the oils and what tests are done on them. I can say that you are safe to go with doTERRA. They have gone above & beyond with their testing, their sourcing & all involved. a wonderful site to check out is Source to you.

Ok, so, how do I, a mom of (almost) 3, a wife, & natural person use these oils daily? Let me tell ya ๐Ÿ˜‰

**Please go HERE if you wish to order any of these amazing oils, or contact me at, and I will be happy to help guide you to set up your own easy access account. The links below take you to the standard doTERRA site, if you wish to order through that, please us 4089393 as the Advocate ID #**


I often diffuse citrus or other uplifting & energizing oils:

Peppermint or Spearmint

Wild Orange



Citrus Bliss

Easy Air/Breathe

A blend of any of these oils is divine. Peppermint & Wild Orange in particular.

IMG_1211.JPGDuring the day

I am often out and about, so I carry around my roller bottles. Either homemade blends, or the doTERRA touch rollers. They are easy & convenient to use on the go. Also some 5ml bottles:

Cheer (touch roller)- Helps bring me an uplifted mood.

Peace (touch roller)-Helps to calm in moments of intensity. I also use on my kids. They love to roll it on themselves. We sing “rolly polly. Rolly polly. Up & down, up & down” it’s quite cute ๐Ÿ˜‰

-My anxiety blend: Vetiver, Wild Orange & Balance.ย  I use this on myself when those anxiety times arise.

-For use in my van as we drive- Wild Orange, Peppermint. Often used for the morning drive to our daily outings. I just put a drop or two on a cotton round & clothes pin it to the heater vent.

-For use when a bump or a scrape happens- Lavender. I apply ‘neat’ (undiluted) directly to the hurt area, on my kids. Also great for burns, bites or stings. So I always have lavender on me when we are out.

-Homemade hand sanitizer in a little spray bottle- OnGuard blend, lemon, tea tree & witch hazel.

When needed

For afternoon pick me ups, I often return to the morning oils- citrus or mints. Either diffused or just inhaling from the bottles.

For sore backs & bodies (me or my husband)- Aromatouch (message blend) or Deep Blue (soothing blend) * I am not using Deep Blue much during pregnancy, due to the Wintergreen in the blend. I personally don’t want to use it during pregnancy, but I know it has been used lots with no problems. It’s all what you are comfortable with.

For face- I have made up some coconut oil with Lavender & Frankincense, which I use as a face & hand moisturizer, make up remover, as well as on my baby belly after a shower.

When coughs & congestion arise- EasyAir/Breathe (same oil just Canadian & US names) in the diffuser, or in a roller bottle with peppermint & cardamom, with a base of sweet almond oil. I apply to my kids chests and back, along their spines.

Sore throats, I apply my Tea Tree Touch roller to my throat, and within minutes my sore throat is gone.

For Cleaning- Lemon, Tea Tree & OnGuard.ย Added into spray bottle with white vinegar & water, or added into laundry detergent for an extra clean.

IMG_1028During the evening & Nights

When it’s time to wind down, and get everyone settled for bed:

In the diffuser (total 5 or 6 drops)- Serenity & Balance (blends), or Lavender & Roman Chamomile.

My son responds well to Vetiver on his feet & spine before bed, whereas my daughter responds better to Serenity.

The top oils used most in our house: Wild Orange, Peppermint, Vetiver, Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, OnGuard, Bergamot,

This is all just what works for us, and only some of what I use. There are so many options, and ways to help you throughout your days.

Any questions? (AS I know I didn’t cover all the details) please don’t hesitate to write me and ask!

Happy Oiling my friends!IMG_1175

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