July Moments 

I’ve been inspired by the lovely Hannah over on her blog The Big to-do list, where she shares her favourite photographs she’s taken each month, and I want to do the same. Photography brings me great joy. I’ve always had an interest in it, having various types of cameras through out the years, but when I recieved a nice new camera for my birthday a few years back it sparked a whole new level of interest for me. I am setting out to learn more about how to use it (a Nikon D3200) and dabbling in some editing program options too. Because, life is too short to not do things that light you up. 

I feel July is a good month to start, as I was more consistently taking pictures. So now that we are in August, I am happy to share with you some of my faves of last month. 

Be ‘warned’: nature & my kids are what I am surrounded by daily, so that’s what you’re going to see a lot of. 

After a long hot walk
Labyrinth race
The long walk
Big brother love
My very own spider-man
Waiting for a summer adventure
Dress up & apples
A little deck visitor
Summer park days
Garden intricacies
Summer isn’t complete without ice cream treats
Summer sunset
Breakfast fort
Calendula close up
Garden Girl
Driveway art
Driveway art

I am open to feedback, inquiries about prints being ordered or even getting together to snap some pics of you and your family. See also my photography pages here and here for more of my photos. Follow me on Instagram as well where I share even more. 

-Metta Rose Photography ~See the beauty~


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