August Moments

And just like that, August is over and we head into Fall. Amazing how fast it can all go. August was a crazy month for me, as it was performance time for Spamalot, including many late nights and high energy. As much as I loved all the summer days, I always look forward to the Fall, as it’s time to get into a new routine and set some new goals. For me this Fall, I look towards focusing in more on my photography, learning more about my camera, playing around with editing and hopefully trying my hand at some photoshoots.

In the meantime, here are some of my fave photos from August (*disclaimer, these are all just in RAW format, with no editing done….I haven’t had the chance yet to focus in on editing, but really wanted to get this post done. But honestly, I do often quite like photos in their rawness….)


dressing room selfie
dressing room reflections


ok, so this was actually taken last night, not in August, but it’s close enough to sneak it in…

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