The Thring/John Family

I did it!  I dove further into my photography passion and did my first ever photoshoot, and it just so happened to be a Newborn session.

Although it for sure had that ‘first shoot’ feel, I think it went really well for a first time. It helped that I truly love the family I got to do it for, as they are becoming great friends. Having kids around the same ages, it’s a great way to bond with new families, and a true joy to be able to build not only my own new friendships but also those of my kids.

The energy in the room with full of excitement, some nervousness, but also a whole lotta calm and love that comes with a newborn present. Sweet baby Amelia was only 11 days old, so tiny. so cute. The perfect little being to photograph 😉

Her big brother Oliver was so gentle, loving, and oh so proud of his baby sister.

And their parents were protruding a calm & confident energy, even if they were on little sleep and adjusting to the life of having two kids. Jokes were happening, loving stares were shared , cuddles and conversation were flowing . A beautiful atmosphere to be involved in. I was so grateful to be able to capture some moments in their early days together.

Here are some of my faves;

My favourite outtake- Andrea (Momma) wanted their pooch, Daisy, to be in with them, but Daisy obviously didn’t think their was enough room on the couch 😉

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