~November Moments~

Here we are, 8 days into the last month of the year!! Wowza! 2017 for sure had some wild rides in ways of emotions and relationships but it has held some really beautiful new beginnings as well, like my photography journey branching out more! Yay!

Here are some of my favourite November photography moments:

I had the pleasure of doing my first Maternity Session in November.
I had the pleasure to do my first Maternity & Family session with a new to the island family (and we are becoming fast friends too, so bonus!)
Big Bro to be
My Big(ish) Girl.
There were some amazing sunrises at the end of November
Baby feet, from my second Newborn session
A startled face, caught on camera
When we followed the sun to the ocean.(As you can see, my watermark was still in the progress of being perfected, so not consistent)
The biggest leaf.
Second newborn session (not ordered very well, huh?. and again, was still playing around with watermark)
Momma hands tending to her sweet babe

My boy asked for a chocolate rainbow cake for his 5th birthday. So I delivered.
Home lounging
The morning light with my first & third born

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