DIY Gummies

On a whim (but really, a whim I’ve been wanting to do for a long time) I ordered the makings for doing our own gummies. (thank you amazon!), and earlier this week, my middle child and I got to work to make some good-for-you-gummy bears.

(Gelatin & moulds that I used)


Although a bit tedious to do at times (especially with little hands involved), it really was so simple & quick, and now we have a fun way to eat our vitamin c & greens.

I looked in the ol’ google machine, for a recipe that I liked, and then adapted it from there.

What you will need(at least this is what we used):

~Gelatin powder (grass fed is best)

~Organic Fruit juice (store bought or homemade)


~Vitamin C Powder

~Greens Powder & Red Superfoods powder

~Measuring spoons & cups

~medium sauce pan

~gummy moulds or loaf/muffin pan.

Recipe & procedure: 

~Pour 1 & 1/2 cups juice to a medium sauce pan.

~Sprinkle 4 tablespoons of gelatine over the juice (the stove top is NOT on yet). It will ‘bloom’ and wrinkle. Wait 2-3 mins until the powder as been absorbed. Then whisk to combine.

~On medium heat, place the pot onto the burner, let it warm, but NOT boil. Let the gelatine dissolve, stirring occasionally. in about 3-5 minutes the liquid will become thinner and the gelatine will blend in fully, becoming smooth.

~Add in 1 tablespoon of honey (more for taste) stir until it’s blended in.

~Mix in 1 tablespoon of Vitamin C powder.

~Take off heat.

~ This where you can make 3 different kinds of “batter” adding in different powders. We used one greens powder, one red foods powder & the original. We just divided it up in small bowls.

~ The moulds we got came with a little “squeezer” which made it easier to add the batter into the tiny little bear shapes.

~ the recipe made more than the mould space we had, so we used a mini muffin pan(filling the cups only half way up)  for the rest, and it made nice little jello-like rounds.

~Place them all in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

~Remove from moulds after this time, find a container to store them in, then keep in fridge, and eat as you please! They should last for up to two weeks.

That’s it! SO fun, SO easy and the kids LOVE them!


*this post contains amazon affiliate links*

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