Save the bees. Save the planet.

As parents, we want to do whatever we can for our children. Right?

As humans, living on this planet, we hope we can let future generations enjoy this world, just like we have. Right?

Then we’ve gotta make a change. Even if small, we have to help our planet and in return, help our children & their futures.

Climate change is real. The sun is getting hotter & the ice is melting. Habitats are getting cut down. Bees are dying. Crops aren’t thriving as they once were…..

What can we do? Well, to name just a few ideas…..

We can plant more flowers.

We can reduce our plastic usage.

We can grow our own foods, without the harmful chemicals which pollutes not only the environment, but our own bodies too.

We can educate our young and teach them how to honour Mother Nature.

We can be the change the planet needs.

There are so many organizations & companies out there, doing their part to bring more awareness to these issues, and I am honoured to help highlight a couple of them.

Tees For Bees is a T-Shirt company, that is doing their part to bring to light the important role that bees play in our eco-system. Bees play a huge part in our lives, and without them, we as a human race, and our planet, would dwindle away. Bees pollinate the flowers, the flowers of crops. Without this pollination, the food we rely on, won’t grow. Bees have slowly been declining in numbers since the 90’s, and if they continue to decline, well, we can say goodbye to our food.

Tees for bees donates (at least) 10% of each purchase to Bee City, an organization that helps educate children, communities, towns and businesses on how to protect these precious pollinators.

Kelly, the founder of Tees for Bees, quit her corporate job, to follow her heart & soul, into creating this company. With her love for nature and all that lives in it, she wants to help the bees & she wants us all to help bring awareness to the issue, with cute & funky tees (and more..)

Check them out, and use code METTA20 for 20% off your purchase ✌️


*photo from their website*

Another company I am pleased to share is Educated Earthling.

Also making t-shirts & other apparel, they are doing their part to educate on environmental issues. Each year they choose a different nonprofit organization to donate their attention & 15% of purchases too.

Their products are ethically made in the US, are made to last (slow fashion) and are of recycled materials and water based ink (gentle on the environment).

Use code METTAM10 for 10% off your purchase with them ❤️


*photo from their website*

If nothing else, just bring your mind to your daily actions, and see where you might be able to change some things up, to help our planet & all that lives here.

✌️ & ❤️

Metta Rose

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