How do you do it?

I so often hear from others, “I don’t know how you do it”.

I don’t know how I do it all either, is usually my answer, because it’s true. The minutes, days and months go by, and I just somehow, ‘do-it’. My days are not glamorous. I often feel overwhelmed and like I’m half ass-ing everything.  And yet, I feel I need to have a thousand things on the go, at any one time. Not sure why, but it’s how it seems. Although I do feel a little crazy & frazzled most of the time, I really do love all I have going on.

Let me break down a typical (school) day in my household, to show that, I don’t have any magical trick, or any maid or full time childcare, that my life is real, raw and full of chaos, but I still make the time to do the things I need to fill up my cup, even if it is only for 5 mins at a time. Maybe this can help you too, struggling Momma, overdone entrepreneur or anyone else that feels they are overwhelmed by life.

*630/7am- wake up, to often, fully of energy kids (how do they get it as soon as they open their eyes, I don’t know!)

*7-8a- make breakfast for the kids and me. Make lunches & snacks for my son’s school day, and my girls & my morning out. If i’m lucky, I’ll sit with them and have coffee and food with them, but often I sip & eat as I’m continuing to get us ready. Find 4 outfits, get 4 of us dressed. Find shoes for us all (such a feat, I tell ya!). Walk the puppy. Make sure all is packed in backpacks, water bottles filled, papers or forms all signed and ready. Get everyone in the van, and off to school, hopefully before the first bell rings at 8:19am.

*830-1030/11- spend our time in the strong start program, where the girls get their socialization & play, and where I can have a semi-adult conversation time in (interrupted a thousand times of course)

*1030/11- head home to get baby to sleep & walk the puppy

*1130-230(ish)- baby nap time, so just down to one kid. During this time I make us lunch. I get to sit, usually, and catch up on social media/business promotion at this time. I’ll often give my middle girl a show or movie to watch, so i can actually get some things done. Oh the many many things to do. House chores, work chores, editing, making jewelry or oil blends, business building activities, rehearse lines, catch up on some audible listening or other audible/webinars, do either my photography course or crystal healing course. This isn’t the time I get everything done, every day, but often little chunks in between demands from the little voice, or walking the puppy.

*3pm- leave to get my son from school

*315-415- play at the school, unless it’s a dance day for my daughter.

*430-6- get home and start prepping dinner. Then make dinner & eat it.

*6pm- start getting ready for rehearsal (3x a week)

*7-9 rehearsal, or if home, bedtime routine.

*9-11 used to be my alone time, where I’d watch some shows or read in bed, but it’s a bit different now, as the whole family is now sleeping in the same room, so lights on to read is too distracting, so I’ve actually been going to sleep earlier, which isn’t a bad thing 😉

So, why am I writing this? Hm. I don’t know. I guess just to show how my days go, more or less, and to let everyone in on “how I do it all”, because I honestly don’t do anything special or fancy, or glamorous. I have no magic potion, or certain system I follow. I am actually very inconsistent in life, and kinda just go with the flow of how things go & change. Do I “wish” for more order and routine? Sometimes. But as it is now, we are all surviving. We are all healthy & happy, and working through the hard times as best we can.

I hope this can, show a different way of doing things, maybe take of the edge off of what people might conceive as a perfect way to do things, because there really is no one way to do things. You do you, I do me. Both ways are equally ok.

Be well, lovely souls.


Metta Rose


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