It’s ok to break.

It’s okay.

If you need to hide in the bathroom with closed door, just to cry or breathe, before carrying on with the tasks at hand, it’s ok.

If you need to ignore all the chores and instead climb into bed to shut your eyes, or hide from the world for a few minutes, it’s ok.

If you need to yell, because you just can’t hold it in any longer, it’s ok.

If you break, in front of others, it’s ok.

You are still strong. Maybe even stronger then trying to hold it all together and not show your ‘weakness’. Showing your truth, showing your emotion, showing what you’re really feeling, that’s strong.

Not hiding behind a staged line of “I’m fine” or a fake smile. Not apologizing for letting others in to your ‘not-doing-so-well’ world, thinking you are bothering them. They want to be there for you, and if they don’t, they aren’t your people.

Showing up for yourself & letting yourself feel all the feels as they come, not pushing them away because you think they are silly, petty or unworthy, is strong.

Feeling is strong.

But it’s also ok, to not always feel strong. To admit that you can’t do it alone. To acknowledge that things get really hard, shitty and sad sometimes, and not wanting to fight against it all the time, is ok too.

We don’t have to be strong all the time. And that in itself is it’s own kind of strength.

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