Oils & Gemstones

I believe essential oils, crystals & gemstones, are some of the best tools for emotional healing & empowerment.

Combining them all together, well, that’s even better!

I create diffuser mala bracelets, gemstone filled roller bottles & beautiful Siberian rose filled ones too.

Each oil blend is thoughtfully put together & each bracelet has an intention attached.

Below you can find what properties each gemstone and crystals hold, and which emotional connection essential oils have.

The oils I often use in my roller bottle blends….

Wild Orange~ the oil of abundanceBergamot~the oil of self acceptanceYlang Ylang~ the oil of the inner childBlack Pepper~ the oil of unmaskingClary Sage~ the oil of Clarity & visionSandalwood~ the oil of Scared Devotion.


Gemstones often used:

African Turquoise~ the stone of structure, balance & prosperity. Amazonite~ the stone of Harmony. Amethyst~ the stone of spiritual protection & purification. Aquamarine~ the stone of soothing, cooling & clear communicationBanded Jasper~ the stone of grounded & balanced energy. Citrine~the stone of mental clarity, creativity & manifestationHowlite~ the stone of calmingLabradorite~ the stone of Magic & ProtectionLava Stone~ the stone connected to Mother Earth. Moss Agate~a stone of stability, persistence & grounding Rose Quartz~ the universal stone of love. Sesame Jasper~ a nurturing stone. Smoky Quartz~a stone of grounding, balance and connecting to the earth. Tiger Eye~ a stone of mental clarity. 


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