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Just when I feel like I have all aspects of life fairly balanced, the teeter-taughter becomes heavier on one side, and things  are out of whack.  If I’m on top of the house chores, then my soul is frustrated with always cleaning. If I give the kids 100% of my attention all day, then the […]

Ghetto Crafts

When it comes to Arts & Crafts, and all the DIY projects in that category, lets just say that, it’s not my strongest attribute. Sure, I have a tub of crafty things, there are paints in the house and lots of good intentions, but when it’s all said & done, it just turns into a […]


Ok, so I’m going to be honest, cause, that’s what I do via this blog, is speak honestly & raw: I love my kids, with all my heart, but that doesn’t mean I always drop everything for them. Like housework for example. If the house is a mess, which is 99% of the time, I […]