~see the beauty~

Real. Raw. Honest.

Capturing the beauty in the everyday. Whether it’s the big or the small moments, there’s beauty in it all.

I believe in documenting in a real and honest way. Perfectly-imperfect if you will, because that’s real life. I use the resources I have, using mostly natural light. I don’t over edit, I just enhance what the picture holds. I look for the emotion, the little details, and the things that maybe other’s won’t think of. I believe in honesty, openness & a willingness to express one’s true authentic self.

I photograph a wide range of things, which gives me great joy, and it keeps it very interesting.

Weddings & Engagements. Businesses, Brands & Products. Headshots. Community events. Performing Arts. Maternity & Newborn. Nature. Family. Documentary & Lifestyle too. And everything in between.

Let’s find the beauty in the mundane, because it’s there, we just have to look.