Side Projects

I am lucky enough to have a collection of projects and side ‘gigs’ on the go.

Working with other women, and sharing my journey & thoughts in another way, is bringing me joy, gratitude & pushing me in new ways.

The Dream Collective

I get to work with two amazing fellow mommas within this collective. We are here to bring to life the ‘perfect’ day for any special event. Whether it’s your wedding day, engagement party or photography session, headshots, business related….

We provide photography services, hairstyling & whatever aesthetic service you need.

Check out our IG account @the.dream.collective

Mindful Mondays with Metta Rose

Something I’ve had on my heart for awhile, is starting a podcast. I just didn’t know what, how or when. But when I started doing weekly live IG videos, it dawned on me, this is what I can do for my podcast.

Every Monday, I will bring you a little ‘mindful’ tip, trick or tidbit, in hopes that it can help you bring some more mindfulness to your daily life. The episodes will be short, simple & (hopefully) enjoyable 😉

You can find my podcast Here

I thank you, with all my heart, for following me on all my (many) adventures.

Xo Metta Rose