I am enough, because I show up. I am enough, because I apologize when I’ve done wrong. I am enough, because I forgive. I am enough, because I love even when it’s hard to. I am enough, because I try. I am enough because I do my best. I am enough, because I do enough. […]


Just when I feel like I have all aspects of life fairly balanced, the teeter-taughter becomes heavier on one side, and things  are out of whack.  If I’m on top of the house chores, then my soul is frustrated with always cleaning. If I give the kids 100% of my attention all day, then the […]


My days lately have been filled with heartburn & impatience….with everything. Being 2 weeks away from due date, with baby number 3, has really been playing a huge game with my emotions, energy and ability to really enjoy & focus on the things on hand. Like my children, myself, the house, my husband.¬† I am […]

This feeling…

It’s been many weeks now, that I just feel….done. Done with being mom, wife, feeling closed in or uninspired & the never ending tired. The constancy of everything in my day to day. The same feelings, the same conversations, the same frustrations, the same ‘scolding’, the same impatience. I need a lift. I need to […]


Anxiety, is a bitch. There, I said it. I’m getting it out there in the open, letting the world know, that anxiety is one nasty reoccurring pain in my butt. The (one) good thing with it though, is that I now know what it is. It has a name. This feeling that I for so […]