I see you.

I see you Momma. I see you struggling, I see it in your eyes. But you’re holding back the tears I see you trying, trying your very best. Yet you still don’t feel it’s good enough. I see you figuring out how to balance motherhood, being a partner & finding yourself amongst the long nights, […]


I am enough, because I show up. I am enough, because I apologize when I’ve done wrong. I am enough, because I forgive. I am enough, because I love even when it’s hard to. I am enough, because I try. I am enough because I do my best. I am enough, because I do enough. […]


Just when I feel like I have all aspects of life fairly balanced, the teeter-taughter becomes heavier on one side, and things  are out of whack.  If I’m on top of the house chores, then my soul is frustrated with always cleaning. If I give the kids 100% of my attention all day, then the […]


For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt this long lasting desire to find my ‘purpose’. As cliche, cheesy or silly as that sounds, like a song from Avenue Q, (cause it is). It’s been this Gap inside of me that I just can’t seem to fill.  Sure, I’m a mother, and that gives […]

This feeling…

It’s been many weeks now, that I just feel….done. Done with being mom, wife, feeling closed in or uninspired & the never ending tired. The constancy of everything in my day to day. The same feelings, the same conversations, the same frustrations, the same ‘scolding’, the same impatience. I need a lift. I need to […]