Just when I feel like I have all aspects of life fairly balanced, the teeter-taughter becomes heavier on one side, and things  are out of whack.  If I’m on top of the house chores, then my soul is frustrated with always cleaning. If I give the kids 100% of my attention all day, then the […]


Guilt. The constant feeling of not doing enough, not being enough. It gets entangled with anxiety, creating a deep pit in the stomach. Causing ever lasting fog & exhaustion. Never letting go. The internal battle of knowing it’s just thoughts and your own interpretation, when really you are doing enough, you are enough. But you […]


ah, motherhood. The constant ebb & flow of amazing patience vs. loosing your sh**, being a powerhouse full of energy vs. barely keeping your eyes open,  having all the desire in the world to join in on make believe playing vs. well, having none at all. Thats been me the last two weeks, the no […]