I’ve had a busy five years. Three children have been grown & pushed from my body. My superpower of human life has been full throttle, and knowing that I am now done with that amazing power, is both a relief & quite sad. When you are pregnant for the first time, everything is so new, […]


My days lately have been filled with heartburn & impatience….with everything. Being 2 weeks away from due date, with baby number 3, has really been playing a huge game with my emotions, energy and ability to really enjoy & focus on the things on hand. Like my children, myself, the house, my husband.  I am […]


For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt this long lasting desire to find my ‘purpose’. As cliche, cheesy or silly as that sounds, like a song from Avenue Q, (cause it is). It’s been this Gap inside of me that I just can’t seem to fill.  Sure, I’m a mother, and that gives […]

I’m sorry.

To my children, I am sorry. I’m sorry that I yell so much. I try to be calm & deal with things differently, but often I don’t succeed. My patience is thin and my positive tactics often aren’t received so I resort in yelling. I am sorry for that. I’m sorry for not being present […]