I am enough, because I show up. I am enough, because I apologize when I’ve done wrong. I am enough, because I forgive. I am enough, because I love even when it’s hard to. I am enough, because I try. I am enough because I do my best. I am enough, because I do enough. […]


Who here loves themselves? Like truly, deeply loves themselves. And not just the good parts, but also the ‘flaws’. Not just during times when things are going swimmingly, but also during the times when there is sadness & heaviness. Do you still love yourself then? Or do those negative self talk thoughts come invade your […]


ah, motherhood. The constant ebb & flow of amazing patience vs. loosing your sh**, being a powerhouse full of energy vs. barely keeping your eyes open, ┬áhaving all the desire in the world to join in on make believe playing vs. well, having none at all. Thats been me the last two weeks, the no […]