Theatre Life

Theatre was my first love. Starting over 20 years ago, it has been a constant in my life, even when I wasn’t actively engaged in it. I feel so grateful to be fully intertwined with it in my current days, and have multiple outlets for it on a daily basis.

So, in case you are on Salt Spring Island, or close enough to come visit, maybe you’d like to come see what I am up to!


Christmas with SCROOGE opens December 13th at Fulford Hall.

This will be the third year in a row that I’ve done this show with my kids (all three of them again this year). We will play the same characters, one that they are so happy to be. This show is a long time island tradition, starting in the early 70’s, and now in it’s almost 50th year! I have played many roles over my years, and it’s so special to be here doing it with my children now.

There are 8 shows total (Dec 13th-15th and Dec. 18th-22nd) and you can buy your tickets at Salt Spring Books.

In February 2020, I will be in a two-hander play called ‘Between the sheets‘. We have our first read through this month, but start fully into rehearsals in January. We have only 3 shows, Feb 6th, 7th & 8th, at Artspring. This will also be my first time producing a show, along with the director and other actor. So that’s exciting!

Looking back.

in NOVEMBER I will played Carol, in OLEANNA by David Mamet, with Salt Spring Community Theatre Society. I played along side Dave French, as the only other character in the show. It was directed by Damian Inwood, who also directed A view from the bridge, which i was in last fall. It was such an amazing experience, one I will never forget. The character’s growth onstage. the power struggle. The conversations it started in our community. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to do this controversial show.

Film work.

This summer I was honoured to be in a short film called LUCID, with Superior Grimoire Films. The crew, the cast the whole team, were amazing. Another experience I am so grateful for and will never forget. The portion I was involved with, was just part of the film, the cool 70’s flashback. They are in the works to start up the rest of the filming in January, and they could use your help! They have a crowdfunding campaign on the go, and every bit counts. This film is beautiful and it deserves to much. Check out this link, for a fun little video and all the info you need to help contribute to the magic of filmmaking.