I’ve always had a love for books. Even though I don’t read as much as I should for loving books so much, there is just something so familiar, so comfortable, so cozy about books. I could spend hours (if I didn’t have kids) in a bookstore, especially a second hand book store. Skimming through the pages, smelling their smell, grtting lost in the stories, the knowledge that just eminates off the pages.

I worked in a bookstore, a dream of mine, for a year, it was the best. Getting first hand looks at new books, finding bargain books, organzing the shelves, expanding my basis of what books to suggest, and add to my own reading list. I’d go back to working in a bookstore in a flash.

Growing up, watching Beauty & the Beast, I fell in love, not with the beast or the prince, but with the amazing library in his castle. It’s on my ‘dream house list’ actually. Not as large or elaborate of course, but floor to ceiling shelves, with the slidding ladder to reach the top.

I came across this meme a few months back and was like “yes!!” Totally me.


Now, as a mom, I hardly read. By the time night comes around I’m too tired to use any brain power. During the day it’s just easier to read a quick article in between meals, tantrums or outings rather than sitting down with a book. But of course, there are always many children’s books to fill our days and bedtime. So it’s not like I don’t read… 😉

which leads me into sharing some of our currant favourite children’s books/authors & my top 6 adult books.

Stella & Sam books

Curious George Books.

The Gruffalo.

Love you forever.

Cars and trucks and things that go.

The Whale & the Snail

Oliver Jeffer’s books

I couldn’t find them all to photograph


My top 6  books, the ones that have stuck with me over time are:

The Night Circus

The Secret life of bees


The Alchemist

My sisters keeper

Valley of the Dolls

And for a parenting book: Momma Zen

(sorry too lazy at the moment to type out all the authors, you’ll just have to look them up. *giggle*)

There really is nothing else quite like finishing a good book. It’s been years since I’ve had that pleasure (other than the above Momma Zen book). Vacations are usually a good time to get in a lot of reading, but we haven’t had one of those since 2013.

So, in the meantime, as I wait for the next time I can get into reading again, I’ll just dream of my future library with its slidding ladder and of laying on the beach with no distractions other than what’s written on the book’s pages.


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